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Category Archives: DIGITAL MARKETING

building customer personas using google analytics

Building Customer Personas with Google Analytics

The cautionary tale of Ron Johnson and JC Penny remind us of why it's so important to understand who your customers are and…
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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit Featured Image

Complete Digital Marketing Audits

There are a lot of tools and services that offer audits of your digital marketing, but most of them don't give you the…
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should you business invest in digital marketing

Should your business invest in digital marketing?

How do you know if your customers even find out about your business online? The short answer is yes, your business should invest…
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a simplified history of google search and seo

The History of Google Search and SEO

Have you ever wondered why everyone uses Google? You might remember that it wasn't always that way, with more than a dozen search…
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the digital marketing hierarchy of needs

The Digital Marketing Hierarchy of Needs

For most small businesses, taking your digital marketing one step at a time makes the most sense for simplicity and cash flow purposes.…
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